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Started by Riel, Feb 24, 2011, 07:04 PM

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I figured this might be a client side question, since I see it a lot with most of the new servers I try.
You know when you open a window in-game (inventory, equipment, stats, etc) the window stays wherever you drag it?
Well I've been noticing more and more with newer servers that the equipment window doesn't stay put, it snaps back to the center of the screen every time I close and re-open it (I always drag it off to the left and dock it to the bottom of my inventory window). It only happens with the most recent window layout. I know it's not a dire problem (if it can be called a problem at all) but it's pretty annoying and I was curious as to why it keeps doing that.


can you post a screen shot so we can help you in your problem ? :)


If your client crashed before you can properly exit the game, the position won't be saved.  That's all I know and experienced.  Other times it is fine for me.


I'm having the exact same problem and instead of starting a new topic I thought I may as well just bump this one.  I'd like to fix this it if possible.  :(

What I want it to stay at:
What it changes to when I logoff/login, flywing or change maps:

What I have tried:
Downloaded the servers full client twice. (Server owner says they use the exact files to play RO as are in the full client)
Downloaded Rag and Rag_RE and copied the servers lite package into the folder.  Tried this with both unpatched and fully patched ragnarok.
Removed anything RO and Gravity related.  All files, folders and registry entries deleted.  Then tried the servers full client once again.

Issue still remains.  Any suggestions?

fyi, server is Woon-RO.


Tried /window? It locks the position of windows even if I've that issue in some servers too personally and that command doesn't fix them all the time :< I think it's because of the size of some windows that are a bit weird for the exe...


Try put the flying window (the equipment stat box) not too close to the edge of the screen?  See how far away you have to put it until it stop moving?


@Triper - Just tried /window.  Didn't work.   :(

@yC - It doesn't matter where the window is.  It always goes back to the spot showing in the second screenshot. (Unless I don't move it...of course).  It can be halfway off the screen, snapped on the top..bottom..left..., random areas in the middle.  Always goes back to that 1 spot.  And only that window.


You're with the same problem I've with some servers then. Nothing works except if the Admin team releases an exe with that fixed or you do your own with it fixed which goes again most of the server rules ...


Do you by chance know what needs to be fixed in the exe?  I've been working with the server owner on this problem for a while.  If I can get him a fix...he may implement it.  We've found a few other players on the server with the same issue as well.


I don't remember how but I once fixed it while diffing.
I don't touch on that thing for months but I think there is an option there that fixs the windows that enters into conflict with some other making you not being able to have that along with another one.

Maybe try to ask at rathena forums instead of here and see if they know what can be done to fix it.


Awesome.  Thanks for the help.  The server owner is releasing a new client soon so that may resolve it as well.  If not I'll ask over there.