Error when patching kro sakray

Started by pipi1, Nov 25, 2007, 05:18 PM

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i just got the new kro 1017 and when i patch it and when it gets to 11/13/07 bGM it gives me a error and stops >> please someone help

QuoteDexter's Sakray Update Package
Put this in your ro folder, and use spatchreader, then rosakfix, and then alt sakray.

Ambrose Merle

eheh...heh... yeah... same issue here. It's a connectivity issue I THINK, not positive though. There ARE links you can get to similar files, however, if not the files themselves for a manual download. hold on a minute...

"In case Sakray and ragnarok do not patch, here is a manual link. Goodluck with it.

Additional data in case that doesn't work can be found here:

I have no instructiosn to use with this."

Good luck


Dexter's Sakray Update Package
Put this in your ro folder, and use spatchreader, then rosakfix, and then alt sakray.



Er how about pinning this topic up? I'm sure there are a lot of other players who are dying to find the fix for this. I myself took a few weeks before finding it here (because it's only posted like 4 days ago)

Ambrose Merle

If that's the case, then maybe making a guide would be a better thing to do.


 Is there one of those dexter things for Kro? I could use one for mine.


I haven't seen one yet.
I can post my guide though.
Posted on: Dec 10, 2007, 01:26 pm
Here is a link to my guide
If someone is asking on how to update or if they are having errors you believe to be update related, post this code.


Another option is to do a search online for the Valhalla Patcher.

I had problems with my KRO / Sakray, what I was told to do, was to just leave it running for about 30 minutes, to an hour, and even though the whole windows error came up, it'd still patch. (So long as you don't close it down.)

This turned out to work, but, the valhalla patcher was really nice as it patched up both my KRO and Sakray for me without having to use the clients really. :3

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why can't i update kro sakray ...... i used dexter's sakray updater but it says i'm not connected to the internet....but i can surf the net... if anyone can help me pls reply (i'm desperate)


Are you using a firewall?
@Inanna, thank you for that info, I will look for the Valhalla Patcher, I see alot of people asking how to update the kRO clients and I am not able to help them.


i was using it when i posted here...but when i turn it off it still gives me the same error


Ok, go [Here]
That has a kRO and Sak updater.
If that fails, delete the folder, and make a new one with the kRO and Sak, update, then put in the server files.


still no still gives me the same error...i reinstalled the game but still no luck...why is it giving me that error (T_T)


Hmm...if that is the case then it sounds like a corrupt patch.