Error report after opening RO

Started by 1500Itachis, Jul 11, 2013, 12:02 PM

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Hi people!^^

I have a laptop and lately bought a monitor just to have a better display to look on, but...
If i try to start RO on my monitor, it opens the patcher (if i started the pureROpatcher) and then it seems like it is opening the full-screen game but then it stops, closes and i get this error message:

''Cannot init d3d OR grf file has problem.''

I have done some research about this and found out that, probably, it has something to do with my GPU drivers. But this cant be the problem in my case because i can start the game without problems on my laptop (without monitor). But nevermind...

Does someone has any ideas what could be the problem here? Maybe it's realy a problem because of the driver...

Thank you^^'


I think the resolution might not be supported?  not too sure.  I suggest you try tweaking the setup.exe to try different resolution and try windowed mode.


For mine it's caused by the graphic drivers.

As my laptop has 2 graphic cards without switching them automatically (optimus)

therefore, each time i switch between my nvidia / intel graphic card, i gotta swap them back for the settings.

Therefore going to the settings and switching the video card back to your current one should do the trick.