Error file. CpaletteRes file not found??

Started by pryvian, Jul 16, 2009, 06:32 PM

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CpalletteRes :: Cannot find File : pallette\ (weird symbols) 1448280169.pal Is the error Im getting.
I am on the AnthemRo server, and the other day I wiped my cpu, and put my operating system to windows 98 s/e, and redownloaded and installed Ro, which worked-it updated, patched, and let me into RO. But when I chose my character,  it went to the loading screen and upon hitting 100% it gave me this error, and exited me out of RO. Please, I cannot find anywhere to get help, and the GM's on my server have not replied yet, and I cannot find any reliable help. So please, someone list step by step instructions on how to fix this. thank you :)

Also, another thing I noticed was that, someone told me to update my patch of sakray or whatever, and I hit download on it, and when i did it gave me the error "sdata.grf is corrupt" or something to that note.