Dll files suck

Started by a2jy2k, Jun 14, 2009, 10:40 PM

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so, i went to patch up RO, and i havent played for about 2 months, i got the new patcher, i patched, and then tryed to start it, and it said i needed binkw32.dll, and i thought, oh great, so i went and downloaded the dll file, and i run it again, and then it says, haha, no, now MSS DLL was not properly installed, so i go looking, and i cant seem to find MSS DLL i can find Mss32.dll, and i installed it, except, it still doesn't work. Can anyone help?

P.s. I would really not like to redownload RO again lol.


Got sdata.grf / data.grf?

Really, the best way to avoid these messages is to just redownload RO (Recommending 1210) because older clients tend to mess up and fail to patch.


Yeah.. I think you're Rag and Sak setups are the old ones.. So it's better to download the whole client again..