Need Help with KRO Patch 9-23

Started by snooz, Feb 07, 2010, 04:55 AM

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Since i feel really generous, Heres the whole Hshield folder with everything , Error free and should work. Enjoy

Just extract this and replace everything if prompted.


but the link doesn't work .. were same problem .. plz help me plzz !!


I have the same problem here thank you guys. :)

Kitty Sammich

The problem is you need to run the client as an Admin. If you do that, it should patch properly and without error.


Quote from: snooz on Feb 07, 2010, 04:55 AM
Hi I get this error when i try to patch my KRO.
I have bought a new laptop and i want to play ragnarok but when i dled KRO and i patch, i get this error. HShield\AhnUpGs.dll I get it after i finish patching "2009-10-28HShield?? ???"

Please help. Thanks!

I use Windows 7 64Bit.
Dual Core
ATI Radeon
15.6" widescreen

And i still wonder what does screen resolution have to do with the patch?