Started by Bh()S, Nov 07, 2009, 12:11 AM

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guy!! pls help me! i already DL the fullclient! and allready done the patch..
1st question: i dont know what the work writen, is that normal? its like a japanis or what ever letter is that!
2nd is! theres some thing wrong cos i already finish the patch then it said the some things missing need to re-instoll
3rd: i already re-instol it! then it always stack in 2009-07-08adata_k4.gpf??????? ??????.

pls guys help me! i really want to play this cool game!!
some one pls help me!!

-=" PILIPINO "=-


In additional to the full client, have you picked the server you want to play and download/install its client?