Where to Download RO?

Started by yC, Jun 10, 2011, 10:53 AM

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Go go the page linked below.  Read the download and install instruction before you come back:


There is no other link that we can provide. 

Do not ask where to download RO.

Do not ask for a torrent link.

Do not ask for a direct download link.

Do not ask someone to send the RO Clients to you.  The files are 1.4gb+, it is a very unreasonable request.

Do not ask where can I download RO server.  Go to https://rathena.org/board/ or http://herc.ws/board/ then use the search function to start your journey.

All download links we have are in the download page already, so what you see is what we have here.

Ragray is not a client we recommend, that means you should not expect us to provide support on it.