Started by jesbern, Sep 28, 2012, 09:16 AM

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im tired of downloading CLIENt.  any other way to have ragnarok ?
tried downloading all the data on the link in this site but all of the part1to part8 grf is always broken when extracting even its complete.
then downloading the 1.5gb of grf file always corrpted and stops download


You can always find a server that has a full client available for download.  Depend on your rates preference maybe we can give you some recommendation.

How is your internet?  is it tend to be unstable?  What's your country? The clients have been downloaded so many times and proven to work so chances of them being corrupted in the source is very slim.


from philippines. my internet connection is stable..
the part 1 to 8 grf is broken when im ziping it with 7zip even other zipping software. or RAR.
im currently downloading the 1.5gb dara.grf.
the other filr works like bgm, patcher..
ill tried to download myRO full installer if this one didnt work.
btw i notice that when i copy an RO to other pc then i paste it here. i can open the game "ragnarok.exe" then it patch
but when i download it here . i cant open it its asking for admin password.. i also notice that some installtion ask for admin password. but the other are not.. im not admin in this computer so im always using portable.

thanks for the reply
this forum is the best