Sprite error when zoom in

Started by msfabiao, May 13, 2017, 04:06 PM

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Im having a problem with my ragnarok (private server).
In the video (link below) you can see what is happening.

(please, watch in hd, enlarged window / theater mode)

Look at the wing costume when i zoom in, and the map going weird around me.
I play other servers, but jut have this problem in one of them.
I formatted my pc yesterday (not becos of this), installed everything again, updated drivers etc,  but still the error.
The point is: my brother and some friends playing the same server dont have this bug. And specifically for my brother, he dont have
off board graphic card...

I searched google, did read a lot about similar errors, but always no solution for this specific case.
I tried everything with setup options, uac control, firewall, anti virus, reinstall, full client, little client, updated kro...
I tried every possible solution people talked about in google, for a lot of servers...

I tried like 20 different servers, this is the only one i got this problem, but, one more time, im the only one with this problem in
this server.
Even if i dont use that wing costume, i get the ground, builds and that mill weird visual.

Im not an expert, so, please, could someone give some tips, help, about what else i can try to see my sprites the right way?

My pc:
i7 4770
gigabyte h87 hd3
gtx680 4gb gigabyte
24gb ram

Win 7 ultimate

Thank you very much!


Do you and your brother have same client? Try to copy your brother's folder to your PC.
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 Zereges, same client, he sent me that before i format my pc, 3 days ago.
Im getting this error for the last 3 or 4 months.

Just for a feedback, i think its my graphic card. I mean, maybe it dont like the client.
Found no solution, nomore ideas to try.

Thank you.