cant play Dark-RO

Started by flakey3036, Aug 20, 2013, 03:29 AM

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im new player, i just install dark-ro to play, but get crashed.. please help me  /wah /wah
my location at prontera , its say :Ragnarok crashed. Please make sure your kRO setup is updated properly. See CrashLog.txt for further details..  /omg /omg
i have install kRO too.. how to fix please.. /sob /sob

RO Game Client crashed!

Time: 20/08/2013 07:24:27
Local Time: 20/08/2013 15:24:27
Exe Version: 2012-04-10

Exception Code: ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005)
Exception Address: 0x0042352d   DarkROForce-Client.exe + 0x2352d
Exception Parameters:
#00 0x00000000
#01 0x00000118


Why not ask dark-ro instead?  They know better about their client.