Can Ragnarok cause problem on computer?

Started by jesbern, Sep 29, 2012, 12:56 AM

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I just want to us if Ragnarok can cause your computer to have a problem.
last time my computer have a problem when opening, after the windows 7 appear it turn off then restart and
do it repeatedly then my screen become dark.
i think its when i installed different ro server in only one folder


I've never seen a case like this because of Ragnarok, even by a game that is very old and consumes little computer.  /omg
This happens with all servers, including the officer? Or another similar program?

Nunca vi um caso como esse por causa do Ragnarok, até por que é um jogo bem antigo e consome pouco do computador.  /omg
Isso acontece com todos os servidores, inclusive no oficial? Ou em outro programa semelhante?


RO isn't known to cause any problems at pc. The max that can happen is some lame anti-virus[like norton] point some of the files as false warnings and block the exe.

Most of the probs that happens at a pc is because users fail with basic knowledge/protection/don't know what are doing and surf at web with no knowledge of what is around[Example: porn websites full of ad-ware/trojans/auto-run scripts/etc and you've 0 protection to block those] to the point that his/her pc is like a cake ready to be eaten.