anyone has a guide on how to install the client properly?

Started by blackfury, Nov 02, 2011, 05:46 PM

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anyone knows how to install the client properly? i followed the instructions and lots of errors occurred.


Try your server's forums. They'll probably know more than we do.

It may be a client-specific thing where they've screwed up something, lots of possibilities. Try there first.


The instruction, as given on the RMS download page, is the recommended way to install the client after you have downloaded ALL the files required for the kRO installation.  I don't know if there is another way you can install those files that will work. 

If your patchers say they are completed patching while it did nothing, try the latest patchers here >> I still have a few questions on these otherwise I'll replace them in the download section.

Otherwise, the error would be the server specific problem that is beyond our ability to help and you would need to ask the server's you are trying to play on.

Moving this to client support section.