Can Anyone Help Me Please

Started by fakhrulifwat, Sep 24, 2016, 08:49 PM

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please watch my problem at ->
i make video so easy to understand my problem...
all Ro i download the same problem..

-kRO 2 time download 04-16-2016 kRO Client Folder and 05-18-2015 kRO Client Folder
-New komputer

"please anyone can help me"


Is the client auto closed or do you still see it running in the background (check with task manager control+alt+delete)?

Is this the first time your computer installed the RO client?

Could be this problem >


Yes 1st time installed RO client on this computer
the client is auto closed and i check at task manager no Ro client running /sob


How did you install those clients? If you installed iro/kro and extracted "light client" to that folder, try downloading "full client" from your server download page (if it has one).
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Go to your RO folder.
right click the patchers and the clients
and make sure you click the box for "run as administrator" or "compatibility mode"