ragnarok fps drop

Started by kimshone, Aug 03, 2017, 04:32 AM

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hello i have a laptop with intel integrated and nvidia gtx950m

somehow there is video card on my setup. and i had to use the integrated one which is making me a lot of fps drops.

i already tried the "Run with graphics processor" option. but it tells an error that "you dont have privilege...." and i have already set up ragnarok on nvidia control panel. still an error even though i am an admin.

can anyone help me with this issue? thank you guys


Did you try to change the graphics setting in your RO Setup?


RO isn't a very graphic intensive or graphic card demanding game, my computer 10 years ago can play it no problem.  It might be other things.


Yes i have already checked on setup.exe and i can only found integrated graphics. It does not show my video card yes i know ragnarok is not a very graphics game but some pc and computers are running it with nvidia i have been looking for solution on this about a week and still cant find one.


If you have 2 gpu, you can open nvidia control panel and select the nvidia GPU as a default.