A couple downloading questions...

Started by Smyted, Jun 10, 2007, 09:20 PM

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1. If my computer only has 67.2 GB of free space and 480 MB of RAM, will i be able
to successfully download Sakray 0417 Full (Internode) which is 1002.73 MB?

2. Are Sakray and KRO the same thing?


first question, yar! ;]

No, they're not lol .. I think kRO is the actual game and sakray is just data and palettes; granted I have NO idea, I just always thought it that way.

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kro is what u need to play kro

sakray to play sakray



kRO and Sakray are different. I think (I'm probably wrong) that kRO is the Official Korean client while Sakray is just the test client.
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But will i be able to download KRO, Sakray and still play RO with 67.2 GB of free space and 480 MB of RAM

Another Question...
       Could i just download this
        and follow these directions...
"Okay, so you install the latest sakray, extract this and install it to your RO folder, and then install and update FortunaRO."

Instead of downloading both KRO and Sakray?


I think you need basic understanding of file size ^_^ Let's see if I can help.

The file size on a computer are in bytes.

1 KB = 1 kilobyte = ~ 1000 bytes (1024 actually but lets not get into that)
1 MB = 1 megabyte = ~ 1000 KB
1 GB = 1 gigabyte = ~ 1000 MB

So, with this you can figure out that your sakray full which is 1002.73 MB is about 1 GB. And since your hard disk has 67 GB free you have PLENTHY of space for it ^_^ (you could fit RO 67 times lol)

480MB of ram (which I'm assuming is actually 512MB of ram) should be enough to run RO.

The file you point to is 3 MB, which is 333 times smaller than the sakray file, so I very much doubt its enough to play (in fact I'm sure its not). This is probably just the patcher for your server.

Sakray is one of the original 3 kRO servers if Im not mistaken, it was their "test server" sorta where they checked out their newest stuff.

So, you WILL have to download + install Ragnarok + Sakray, and THEN you apply your server patch (the 3 MB file you just posted a link to).

Lastly, I'm sure if you post on FortunaRO forums they might help you.

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