2009-02-04npkey error (Sak)

Started by Khaos Aletzer, Mar 07, 2009, 10:20 AM

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Khaos Aletzer

Well, probably is there a bunch of other topics like this, but i'm new and I dont know how to find them out, then please, answer before close the topic, sorry

I'm getting a problem with the Sakray patcher at 2009-02-04, I instaled the Sak1210 and before do it, i have washed my pc of all Sak/RO contents. I tryed a lot of times (something around 20...). Next is the image of the error, if anyone know the problem, PLEASE, tell me.

And again, sorry if i did a topic same as other, I just dont know how to use foruns well, sorry.

Thanks for the attention!