2 questions about double clienting...

Started by demolish, Oct 01, 2008, 08:16 AM

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ok first:

when i double client on one server i play, ill be on my main charactor, and my 2 buff clients are up, but i swear, every 1 1/2 minutes the buff clients disconnect.  VERY annoying to relog them, anybody know a way to prevent this?


on another server i play on, when i double client, it lags but it seem funny because it seems like the client i play on the most (like a main) is "deteriorating" as i play longer, or getting slower.  any help is appreciated on both subjects

ps, i used search button first  ;D


It seems your computer isn't good enough to dual client. :x With my laptop, if I open another client, they both freeze xD


this is unlikely, my computer can run doom 3 max settings, but possible.

My thing is ok, check it, i redid my computer recently, put windows XP back on it to clean the HD off.

Before the wipe, i didnt have the disconnect thing happen at all, and i Believe its linked to the data/sdata.grf files somehow, im just not sure how.  They make your client function differently depending which is used.

anyway, any more help is appreciated.