1.5gb data.grf failed to open

Started by jesbern, Sep 29, 2012, 04:21 AM

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im tired of downloading hmmmm almost 1 month... all files broken and dont work
is it my computer? ill dl RO installer


What program you use to uncompress the files? Seems that some people are affected by the same even if I downloaded kRO from here some months ago and worked fine.


oh im really sorry sir im wrong. i shuldnt open it i should just paste it in RO folder. its working now
my problem is theres no DATA folder on my RO folder even ipatch it all..

i tried to install a private server then it patch but when pressing start it doesnt. nothing appear


If you can extract a client and all that, might be the private server's issue.  You can try a different one or try the rms test server to isolate the problem.