Tabbing/Mouse Freedom hell

Started by Betrayed, Oct 10, 2009, 12:33 PM

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So, basically...

If I use Mouse Freedom, there will be times when my character resets (ie, I teleport, warp to town, go into a portal) and then I'll be frozen. I can sit and stand and even use stationary skills, but I can't move at all. Requires a full restart of my client. Annoying.

So I try without it, and any time I try to alt-tab out of my game, it will see the new window as active, but I can't click on anything with it. Kind of like it still wants to click things on RO.

Using Win7 if there is permission hell giving my problems.

And just now I noticed that my browser is the only thing I can use now! My foobar, irc, steam chats - all unusable.

I've noticed that the only fix for the second problem is to mess around with my task bar like I was trying to open task manager. It takes a few seconds, but it works. I'm not resource deprived either.


Have you tried running RO in "Windows XP" compatibility mode?

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No, but I'll give a shot once I get my client up again.

Wouldn't you know it, a patch just now ruined my installation BECAUSE of the way I originally installed. Go team lazy me.