Problems with ZOOM

Started by Parente, Oct 04, 2010, 07:58 PM

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Follow the instructions for the tutorial: Creative Editing: Unlimited View (kinda) (,10150.0.html)

Why not work on maps treasure01 and treasure02 (Sunken Ship)?
(have not tested all maps)


If you repacked your GRF (Or got it from your data folder) it should work. The only problem I can think of is : If your GRF failed to repack, or if your patcher updated the GRF.

I suggest you use the one from your GRF/Data Folder.


I repacked grf with Gryff, swapped the viewpointtable for a new one, edited according de bleu's tutorial.

Uploaded with

The problem is that the zoom works in the other maps, but not on Sunken Ship inside. Is there some kind of restriction?

Anyway, thanks for suggestion Scribbles ^^


Oh, Just delete it from the list.


I try this ^^

Again thanks, and this time money  ;D