06-09-2010 kRO Client Folder

Started by owell812, Jun 11, 2010, 10:46 AM

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ro06092010_data.grf parts 3 and 7 are corrupted at all links. please upload new files of it ASAP. please please please... thanks.


I tested them when they were first uploaded.

Just now, I randomly downloaded part 3 from filefront and part 7 from rapidshare.  Putting the part 3 with my previously downloaded other part extracts correctly and the data.grf is readable by grf factory.  I repeat the same with part 7 and my previously downloaded other parts, there wasn't a problem neither.

Make sure you download all files completely.


i have problems with 06-09-2010 kRO Client Folder.. i downloaded the files 2x and have the same results..
when i extracted ro06092010_data.grf.part2.rar and ro06092010_data.grf.part7.rar i have errors.. the file is corrupted..
please help me solve this.. im desperately wanna play RO after my exams is over /hlp :(


make sure you download the files in full.  No bad file detected.  If you get error on the 2nd part you shouldn't see error on the 7th part because it will not get there at all.  Are you extracting part 1 and let the data.grf be created?


Mine also like that the part 3 and part 7 are corrupted.... and you say file front ? when i click the link, it just go to it homepage there are no link for me download the file pls help


I'm here to report the ro06092010_data.grf.part3.rar and ro06092010_data.grf.part7.rar file is corrupted which i cannot extract whole data.grf file, the file is downloaded from MediaFire.

I'm trying to download from megaupload now, if the problem still occur maybe all of the uploaded file is corrupted. I hope admin can upload a new file so I can use it for sure, I need to download it for more than 10hours.

Thanks for the help.


Finally someone mention it's mediafire ...

Reuploaded part 3 and part 7 to mediafire.  Tested them they are okay now, I think mediafire managed to corrupt my file in 10 days or it's a problem during the download process.  When I downloaded them a week ago there were no problem.

For filefront, I didn't know the list page is not visible without login, just changed them too all links.

Randomly tried megaupload's part3 and part7 they are good as they used to be.


i'm newbie here and with this game..
i got the same corrupted file which i get it yesterday, but mine is part4 and part7 rar file..
i forgot i download in which media..
hmm..okay, i'll try yC's mediafire ^^


If you find out which file from which host is corrupted, let me know i'll test and reupload if needed.


hello i have same problems here..

my corrupted files is part 2 and 7

i have downloaded it again to both files and still corrupted

i downloaded it from mediafire..

and try it again from sendspace and still corrupted again

i'm so desperate T_T

please give me solutions.. ><

thanks.. :)


I got part 7 from mediafire and part 2 from sendspace and they extracted without problem.  That was few hours ago.  If you have an unstable connection try download again.


I have problems extracting 4 and 7... It  says: The volume is corrupted, help?
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Same prob... part 4 and 7 with filefront and mediafire aint working..

I've tried send space and part 4 worked... still trying other mirrors...


I don't know about this but I have tried all the downloads and all seems to out this error when it reaches 99% extraction:
CRC failed in 'data.grf'. File is broken.

Could it be somewhere file corrupt? Any help here please?


i also got error on the second part that i've downloaded at mediafire , fix it please. i really want to play RO again :(