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Started by aeyu, Jun 22, 2007, 01:09 PM

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Could you download multiple servers and be able to play on them alternatively?
like, you start up RO, and on the server list, could it have more than 1?

I tried finding the answer myself, but i couldnt find the answer.
Sorry if this annoys someone. :P ??? :-\


I know its possible for a server to offer multiple choice of servers. So when you connect you have like more than one option. Like you could have:

WhateverRO High Rate
WhateverRO Low Rate

But for you to configure having multiple server in that window I'm not sure is possible. However if you know how to play with the files a little you can play multiple servers in the same folder, it's not exactly recommended but it's doable.

If your servers use servername.ini you it's very possible they would be compatible with one another in the same folder with no modification. If however more than one server uses data.ini you'd have to modify that to switch to the server you wanna play.
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In other words, not unless you know what youre doing xD
in my case, thats a definate no ^^
its fine, i was just wondering

what happened was i was surfing around
i already started playing on one server
and i found interest in a second one

so i downloaded it...
and when i went to play, it only had the second server listed...
and i freaked out :P

and now i have to redownload the WHOLE thing
-_- yay for me

thanks anyways ^^


It s quite easy,if your servers are using grf's then extract them then mix up the data files in 1.With a bit of luck you should have the same palletes + some custom sprites.Then you will have to update the Sclientinfo.xml
Simple Copy content of Sclient info.xml of Server B and paste it under the content of Sclient info .xml Server A :)


Eh, that probably wont work, if the servers have custom items.. idnumtoitem.txt and anything refering to the customs will probably intertwine with each other and use similar item ID's.. Even if they didn't you would need to take the time to add in the ID's of one server, to the Other servers files... Basically.. you have to know what your doing. It's possible.. but arguably not worth the time -learning- if you don't already know how.
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my ro setup is i have each servers patch installed on a separate directory but all is sharing the data.grf and sdata.grf. by doing this i save space by not having to copy the large grf, and also not screwing up the patches by having them all on the same folder. so the directory is something like:


but the patches dont know that the grf is not in the current folder, so some editing is necessary. if the patch uses data.ini (or whatever ini file its named), edit it to point the previous folder, something like this:


if the patch does not use an ini file, then the exe needs to be hex edited to point to the previous folder.

also the kro dll files and some npx* files needs to be copied to the patch folder.

the easiest way actually is to reinstall kro (rag/sak) and install to a different folder, then install the patch to that folder. so your other installed working ro dont get messed up.

but the method above for me is easy, its cleaner and saves space. trying out a new server is as easy as unraring the patch, editing the ini or exe and its done (while keeping the other server patches untouched). and its a good setup since i only need to keep one kro grf updated.

but....  i tried to teach this to someone but he found it too complicated  :-\


I've been playing SeireiteiRO and Sunrise RO. I created separate folders for each server (w/c means addt'l 1gb). haha.


a better alternative is using link shell extension @ http://schinagl.priv.at/nt/hardlinkshellext/hardlinkshellext.html

lse can "...provide the ability to keep a single copy of a file yet have it appear in multiple folders (directories)"

there are other soft for doing hard links.. just search for em