Download Crash!!

Started by aizen1990, Feb 10, 2011, 10:49 PM

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i need every single expert RO person...actually...i wanna download kRO client...i have no problem...but..when i wanna extract the .rar files type...some of the files corrupt...i try downloading the new files..but it still now i going crazy with this crap!!...what should i do then??..
really need help...please!!


If you are using WinRAR, when extracting, click "Keep Broken Files"

If you are not using 7zip, I suggest you get that instead of WinRAR

see if that works.


"keep broken files"?? that working??


Quote from: aizen1990 on Feb 10, 2011, 11:52 PM
"keep broken files"?? that working??
Your statement makes little to no sense.

I am Assuming that you do have WinRAR. In that case, if your having that much trouble with it, get 7zip [Download Page].

ON the other hand... you can also try RagRay [RagRay Page] Much easier to work with.


sory..i really2 dont know with this kinda sounds good...thx a lot..u really help me this time...yes!!...i do working with WinRAR...and u show me the truly same page like that...
i will try your the way...which RagRay should i choose??...the latest 1?? that contain "rsu files"?...


Download "Ragray 2010-07-30", its the latest one and you will not have any problem with it.


owh..tq a lot yea...erm...1 more can i use JDownloader??...coz well u save my time download files...can u teach me how to use it??...


I can't tell you. I'd just stick with RagRay. It's easier and it updates your kRO renewal (without having to log into an account).


owh..okay...ermmm...can i put rsu-kRO .rar files together in same files which content others RO games files?? that anything wrong with that?? the way...i have noticed 1 thing about rsu-kRo patcher updater....when the updater was ask me do log in or not...when i click "yes" appear to log in by username and i need to do that??...if so...which username should i use??


If you use the kRO renewal patcher, It will ask you to log in.

I don't recommend mixing your RO files, It can mess up certain servers depending on what is replaced. (like DATA.ini or custom GRF files)


You don't need to login after the patcher is done.  Unless you have an account at the official kRO server.  Just run the exe of the private server of your choice.


thx a lot both of u...ur guide really2 helpful...i will do all the suggestions...
Posted on: Feb 13, 2011, 06:01 pm
aaaaarrghhh!!!!! got a problem again!!!
i finished download Ragray...and i have extract the ragray file 01.exe...install it...but it said get said like this :
" Installer Integrity has failed. Common caused are INCOMPLETE download and DAMAGE MEDIA."

what happen???...i think i have download ALL the!!!