[string "buf"]:10: attempt to call global 'Iter_getTable' (a nil value)

Started by magicalideal, Feb 06, 2011, 06:47 AM

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I followed exactly how to install ragnarok online by downloading all 01-05-2011 kRO Client Folder (12files).
I extracted all of the 12 files into the same folder (D:/Ragnarok). I open both rsu-kro-rag-lite and rsu-kro-renewal-lite and let both of the patch runs till it complete. But when i tried to open one of the Ragnarok private server my friend sent me, i get this error [string "buf"]:10: attempt to call global 'Iter_getTable' (a nil value) Is there anyway to solve this error?
Also, i would like to ask why is that when i double click Ragnarok.exe or Ragnarok_RE.exe, they direct me to the korea official website. I tried opening it from the rsu-kro-rag-lite and rsu-kro-renewal lite by pressing the Start but it ended up asking me for SSO or OTP login.


rsu-kro-rag-lite and rsu-kro-renewal lite are just for patching you don't need to "start" it, when you press start you are trying to play the kRO server so no don't do that.

I think you should have your friend link you to the server's website and have you download the server's needed files from there.  Otherwise you don't know what is missing.  Or might as well get help from the server's forum now that you are a potential player of them.