[HELP] Color Black is Transparent

Started by kuen75, Aug 18, 2013, 02:46 AM

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Help so yes I got another problem with my RO client.

I left the server that I had blurry interface with.

Now thissss..........  /wah


Well looks like your display drivers are f*** up.

1: Create a system restore point (Your using Win7 after all, just to be safe.)
2: Uninstall your old display drivers, reboot, and then install the latest display drivers, reboot again.

If that doesnt help, i would suggest installing a fresh setup of Windows. If that doesnt fix your apparently recurring graphics issues, then you can be pretty sure that its a hardware damage.


I almost bet that the issue is resolved with what I said at the other topic:
QuoteThe problem isn't really the cpu, it's the graphic card. On her graphic card program, there is a setting to balance speed-quality, you probably have it running on speed[all way to the left]. A quick change to the middle is enough to make this make puff so you don't loose much speed but you don't get the exe affected by that.

While I can reproduce the other problem at any time I want, I never got something like this that I remember but here is a pic showing what you probably have and what you've to change to[this is what I do at my ATI Radeon, dunno what is for others but should be similar]:


Well tbh my video card just broke and display nothing so I had to remove it.  /omg

And i just formatted my PC so I needed to install a Standard VGA driver.

So will a new Video card fix this problem ?


So you're using the onboard "graphic card"? You shouldn't have problems using that. Probably wrong drivers or wrong settings.


Yes an onboard graphic card. And i tried doing /lightmap. The map went black LOL so since the fonts are transparent they became black too