Can't open ragnarok at all

Started by Nianiputput, Oct 21, 2015, 09:28 PM

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After putting in my custom GRF,setting the Data.ini file, then opening my ragnarok, it only briefly shows the frame of the client, then auto-closes (without error message). Then for some reason, it happened the same with another server (note the other server was working fine with the custom GRF) it only had the same symptom after altering the 1st server.

Then I used the back-up folder (original, full client untouched), the same thing happened.


Check if the game detects your graphic card and sets the window resolutions. In case of negative, you can always manually add them to the game -


ty I`ll do this when I get off work.


My frame is all blank and white, after I am able to change its default resolution, whats the problem? I even reinstalled the RO


Dunno, maybe some problem either with win10 or the server's exe. You seemed to have added the height and width at the regedit but the game refuses to use the graphic card properly.

Wild guess: When you're using a geforce, some games like to go nuts and use intel HD graphic card [when available] instead but mix its definitions with the ones from the other. If I'm not wrong, to fix this you've to create a profile for the game in the control panel of the graphic card to force it to use it and fix this small problem.

PS - my wild guess is as that, a wild guess -- and playing a lot with memory too since I don't have access to a recent geforce at the moment to check --.


My default internal graphic is using Intel HD, when I open the Open Setup.exe I usually choose Direct3D HAL, and all of the available resolutions are listed there.