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Author Topic: Looking for 99/70 SE WoE Sniper FAS Build  (Read 9162 times)

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Offline FreshSoul

Looking for 99/70 SE WoE Sniper FAS Build
« on: Aug 13, 2012, 03:55 am »
No RWC available. Please and thank you!


Offline tomosuke

Re: Looking for 99/70 SE WoE Sniper FAS Build
« Reply #1 on: Sep 07, 2012, 03:31 am »
Aim for a TOTAL of 147 DEX, 97 VIT rest AGI.

Headgear: Large Baphomet Horns or Alice Doll [Insomniac]
Midgear   : Sunglasses [Insomniac (If you're not wearing it already]/Giearth] or Robo Eyes
Lowgear  : Well Chewed Pencil or Gentleman's Pipe or Anything that Adds ATK or DEX
Armor      : BG Armor with +3 DEX/VIT/AGI Enchant (Whichever stat you have a higher base in) [Unfrozen if Aloevera is available else Evil Druid]
Weapon  : +x Earthen Bow [Silence/Stun/Confusion] For Arrow Shower, +x Valorous BG XBow, or +5-9 Glorious Bow if it's available
Garment : Commander's Manteau [Noxious]
Footgear: Combat Boots [GFerus or Matyr depending on which stat is higher]
Accessories: Always carry a hiding accessory for swap, 2 BG Medals or BG Medal + Glorious Ring(Combo)