Help on Sniper build

Started by GreenHaze, Feb 26, 2007, 07:52 PM

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So ya, I play on a midrate server. 100x/100x/50x/30x/20x

What should my stats and equips be...

I wanna be a PvP, WoE, and MVP SOLO Sniper

My sniper right now is 99/65



Whats the max stat? Like any archer class you'll need lots of dex obviously, the rest depends on what kind of sniper you wanna be (FA, DS, Trap, etc.)

Sniper is usually versatile for everything (pvp, woe, monster hunting) as for soloing mvp, maybe trap or just the old regular shoot and run strategie.
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Assuming ur max stat is 99

in pvp, traps are ur best friend.  Trap and FA (remember falcon attacks are always neutral) build often go together, nice thing about this build is, you can have quite some stat for vit.  Quite some int, dex in the 70-90s and some agi i suppose.
Shoot and run tactic don't really work against players these days anymore.
by traps, i don't just mean ankle snare, all sorts of traps helps. 

Be smart when u pvp with snipers, they don't have very much hp to allow you the room to make stupid mistakes.  Bring different kinds of armor to battle and switch often, as well as switch ur arrows, don't go silver arrow or normal property arrow, and don't hasitate to use bolt scrolls in pvp. 
Bring different bows as well, i can promise you, in pvp, if a sniper don't rely on traps but only his shooting power or falcon power, 90% chances are, snipers will lose. (unless ur really hax)

mvp is usually SS or DS hybrid with occasional ankle snares, pretty straight forward, high dex high agi, decent amount of luk for auto blitz and maybe some int if you really prefer. Shoot and run works great, but some mvps like orc lord will annoy u.

in woe, aren't hunter just trappers anyway? that's their number 1 job, so just learn how to set up ankle snare and you are good to go.


Max attack speed and max dex

rest up 2 u