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Author Topic: Sniper SS WoE  (Read 3827 times)

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Offline tanocolu

Sniper SS WoE
« on: Feb 09, 2017, 05:27 pm »
Guys, Im playing at Rise of Midgard (no BG equip, no slotted mids) and im making a SS sniper for playing woe, what do you think about stats/equip?

170 DEX
90 VIT
182 ASPD

Sorin Doll hat (what card should I use?)
Fire Armor +3 DEX Marc Card
Variant Shoes
Nydd Manteau Noxious Card
Glove x2 Zerom Card switch Smokie

OAB +7 with scrolls
Sleep/Stun/Freeze Bows with proper arrows

Thanks in advance


Offline Blinzer

Re: Sniper SS WoE
« Reply #1 on: Feb 11, 2017, 07:48 pm »
that's a great build if you want to be completely useless

Offline celestiaragnarokserver

Re: Sniper SS WoE
« Reply #2 on: Jun 13, 2017, 06:22 am »
Good build as long as you have that poem of bragi all the time. Steel Arrow and Cursed Arrow are the best to use in WoE.