PVE/MVP Sniper Build for SHR

Started by PoriAoba, Apr 30, 2021, 01:03 PM

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Excuse my poor English!

Hello! I am PoriAoba and I grew up the first 1-2 years encountering this game in SHR servers! I was.. a kid. I stopped playing Ragnarok for 15-16 years due to lack of interest. Now here I am wanting to learn more efficiently about the game. That includes understanding the my role as a DPS and compounding cards for my gears!

As the title said, I'm looking towards more PVE/MVP Sniper build! I'm not interested or good at PVP. I know that kind of kills the fun but I don't want to rage or get upset about it.

I'm currently playing on a server with Max stats (1000), 196aspd. I know sniper focus on dex/agi and maybe a bit into luk?

I know you can just kill monster fast but knowing how a server is tripling the mob's hp high, this is the chance I should ask for the sniper build! I've seen guides up about Sniper but those are years ago, and are probably in LR servers. Not sure would any really mattered? Any suggestion are welcome. \o/  /lv

Please be nice in the comments!  /ok

Edit: Whoops! I think this suppose to go General Discussion? Feel free to move it if it is, mods! Thank you! /ho