Pre-renewal sniper mvp build pls

Started by akaiii, Feb 27, 2017, 11:27 AM

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I played ebilro 250/70 max stat: 200
Old school card and item.
I tried to kill gloom and its always miss

GM Brook

Which arrow were you using? It depends on the arrow but you shouldn't miss at all with that rate if they didn't modify the MVPs anyway...


I'm using steel arrow...can u recommend me card, equip and stat for mvp sniper.


Gloom is ghost property, dont use neutral
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Quote from: Bakorzero on Feb 27, 2017, 09:07 PM
Gloom is ghost property, dont use neutral

Noted...any tips on gear and cards? Hehehe


Deppending on what customs you got around.
Preferables being the first mentioned since they're around even on official:
Headgear: Ship Captain's Hat, Ramen Hat, Ulles Cap, Apple of Archer
Middle: Hawk Eyes, Binoculars or Nightmare Sunnies (if mvp has sleep)
Lower: Well Chewed Pencil, Father's White Moustache
Armor: Dragon Vest+ Porcellio or Evil Druid
Manteau: Dragon Manteau+Dragon Tail or Baphomet Jr. (deppending if you want to spam DS or auto attack)
Shoes: Sprint Shoes+Male Thief Buf (Matyr or Verit if you hit max aspd anyway)
Weapon: +10 Composite Bow with 4x Abysmal Knight, or 3x AK + Racial or Elemental card if you're feeling fancy. (ex: Civil Servant for Ghost types)
Access: 2x Nimble Orleans Gloves or Linen's Glove.
And make sure to use arrows that the monster is weak to.

Sadly, I have no idea if you're playing on a max 250 server. Or if you just played on one. What I mentioned is low/mid rate gear.