Sniper SS WoE

Started by tanocolu, Feb 09, 2017, 05:27 PM

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Guys, Im playing at Rise of Midgard (no BG equip, no slotted mids) and im making a SS sniper for playing woe, what do you think about stats/equip?

170 DEX
90 VIT
182 ASPD

Sorin Doll hat (what card should I use?)
Fire Armor +3 DEX Marc Card
Variant Shoes
Nydd Manteau Noxious Card
Glove x2 Zerom Card switch Smokie

OAB +7 with scrolls
Sleep/Stun/Freeze Bows with proper arrows

Thanks in advance


that's a great build if you want to be completely useless


Good build as long as you have that poem of bragi all the time. Steel Arrow and Cursed Arrow are the best to use in WoE.