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Hunter Help
« on: Mar 09, 2009, 09:52 pm »
Hello and ty for entering this post
    I got a hunter lvl 70 and i want u to rate my build to tell me how is it going bad, ok, terrible, w/e...

str  1 +3
agi 73+14
vit 10+2
int 30+3
dex 40+24(w/ improve conc)
luk 30+4

aspd 170(Wake, and Improv Conc)

Im a blitzer(falcon hunter)

 Fresh on the server so they suck...

Bucket Hat (yay  ;D i have a headgear)
Hunter Bow(The strongest and cheapest bow)
Adventure Suit(Yay  ;D sucky equips)

So as can u c my equips suck so... All help is recived... Lvling spots, Equips, and stuff like that, all i have done is lvling thats y my equips suck, I am currently lvling on Mi Gaos,Increase Soils(Louyang), Im gonna keep saying it my equips do suck... Ty

Thx  ;D

O man~ Sinx
Hell was full so I came Back!~


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Re: Hunter Help
« Reply #1 on: Mar 11, 2009, 03:17 am »
what are the rates?
what do you want to do with your hunter?
DS? falcon? WOE? PVM? PVP?

IMHO (and trying to put it as softly as possible) your build sucks.
go reset or make a new one. SRSLY make a new one. I helped my GF make a hunter last week in a 5/5/3 server, it took her 2 hours to get from 1 to 60. And mind you, she's not that good as an RO player (panicky) and we used basic equips.

first of all, IMHO hunters don't need VIT unless you're gonna spam DS which means high Dex high vit some INT for SP, and this is usually expressly for PVP or WOE. For PVM you might want high dex high int some agi for less DS cast delay. Honestly hunters are not supposed to get hit at all in PVM situations. Charge arrow and traps are hax when used correctly.

second of all, from what i'm seeing it seems that you want to be a falconer.
But even as a falconer, i think it's better to up dex rather than INT. INT does help falcon damage, but judging from your high agi you want it to proc more rather than cast blitz beat, so here's how you should do it: get 9int 9dex 9agi or reset to full dex early on.
Hunt willows - spores - wolves - geographers - hill winds - anywhere you like, perhaps HOs or anolians.
get range and the dex bonus first then go for full DS. get improve conc last.
get full dex untill you have 70 base (on the left part) dex.
then get 60 AGI and start getting luk.
equips don't really matter, but for the sake of Aspd do use the undershirt-panties combo. Other than that it's up to you.

i really need to know what customs are in your server, how you play, and what you'd like to do with it to give you what i think would be ideal for you. My GF is panicky and she gets confused if she needs to change gears, heck she even panics when she runs out of arrows... She just does PVM so i made her a high AGI build and she says ppl have been applauding how helpful her falcon is even with <10 INT.

so i'll await your reply and i'll see if i can post what's good for you later on.


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Re: Hunter Help
« Reply #2 on: Mar 11, 2009, 11:20 pm »
O ty but my build has been ok for other servers i have tried on for PVM(< I want to do PVM)

But I saw that PVM need high damage falcon(1000~1200) so thats y i got lots of int(for a hunter) also the agi is 7X's i am geeting it to 90s, and then almost at the end i get dex like crazy, 90 agi  then 60 dex or so and my falcon goes like crazy so i make heavy damage on a little time(at lvl 90~99).
im currently  on a 10x 10x 10x server, i got reset for 150K got like 100K so i think i get the money w/ my merchie ;D

I hope ur build rly works cuz i am starting in the server...
Here is my awser hope u anwser

O man~ Sinx
Hell was full so I came Back!~

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Re: Hunter Help
« Reply #3 on: Mar 12, 2009, 02:28 am »
well since i don't know what kind of equips you have access to, here's what i think your naked stats should be... (i believe panties and undershirts are ubiquitous, so they should go as a default but i didn't put the bonus AGI in to these stats) and these are stat bonuses from job 50 with all the basic archer skills and improve concentration lvl 10.

STR 1+4
AGI 95+18
VIT 1+2
INT 15+4
DEX 79+31
LUK 56+4

and although i understand how you think more INT is a good thing, i assure you it's not. Auto falcon builds should IMHO opt for more occurrence  rather than damage because the amount of extra DPS because of that extra INT point stops at 15 INT with 95 AGI -> use a calc if you don't trust me. The basic logic to this is simple: more Aspd = more attacks = more auto occurence so that even if each hit deals a bit less damage (you only get +10 bird damage for every 2 INT you put in), the DPS is higher with high agi and low INT...

GL and HF!


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Re: Hunter Help
« Reply #4 on: Mar 12, 2009, 05:27 am »
Actually I think your built is OK; you can't expect much at lvl70. It's not common to see Falconers nowadays. DS seems to be the more popular route for hunters (DEX/AGI).

Some matters to consider:
1. As a Falconer, u will end up using lots of arrows. You want amazing ASPD to proc Auto Blitz as often as you can. That means, you need to carry with you lots of arrows. Be prepared to add some STR, or some alternative way to increasing Weight (example: Invest in Gym Passes)/ @storage

2. I had about low-medium INT (30ish) for a lvl90 Hunter. It serves me well. As a Falconer, you don't use much SP actually except for Attention Concentration.

3. I had a little more LUK (similar to your built) for extra Crit/ Perfect Dodge/ Chance to proc Auto Blitz

4. You should check out Puppy Hat. Unless you have a Gloria priest to party with you always.

A light brown puppy dog. It looks quite cute sitting on your head.
AGI + 1. Add a 1% chance of auto casting Level 1 Gloria when attacking.
[Base Agility >= 77] Add a chance casting Level 1 Gloria is increased to 3%.

5. Like you, I had lower DEX. So the damage of individual long range attack is small. I didn't bothered with elemental arrows as the advantage is not obvious. I just use any arrows I could find/craft. At lvl 68, my Auto Blitz damage was 888.

Check this out
http://forums.roempire.com/showthread.php?t=153544 (more for sniper)

(Not the best guides; but it does teach me some stuff about Falconers when I made my Hunter. You should read the comments by other posters as well, as most do not agree with the guide entirely)

Where to train
Well, I didn't really train it. I was just fooling around with a test built (He is now lvl90). Basically; aim for low-med HP monsters (NO ANUBIS - it takes a very long time to take it down). Most suggested monsters with decent exp as well as high DEF taking advantage of Crit and Auto Blitz. And it cant be too mobby or your main damage (Auto Blitz) will be greatly reduced.



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Re: Hunter Help
« Reply #5 on: Mar 14, 2009, 09:49 am »
woa thx a lot blue(youtube vids ;D) thas pretty cool...
     Yea i got a lvl on these days so i am 71 i am i got more luk...  actually my main stat im going for is agi agi agi agi agia gia agi agiag igaigiagagiaigiaig(agi) then prob gonna get som dex to 70... or since kind of the same builds u guys suggested, btw and on IRO the blitzers(flaconers(most)) som of them had 15dex and 90 luk... and they did kickd ur donkey on pvp was quiet irritating... thx a lot more suggestions are recived

O man~ Sinx
Hell was full so I came Back!~

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Re: Hunter Help
« Reply #6 on: Apr 03, 2009, 02:50 am »
i play on a 5/5/3 server, and my GF is the one who made the hunter. Yes lvl 70ish isn't showing anything yet, but i'm really lost with how you play here because even in a 5/5/3 server i'm quite sure i can get a hunter at level 60 in 2 hours with NPC gears...

and although i understand where you're getting at, trust me INT is not that good, you only get around 10 extra damage every 2 INT and that even with 1 INT, with 80 base dex (without attencon etc) and 60 total LUK, you'll be doing 890 per falcon hit meaning that at 30 INT with the same dex config you'll be doing 1030ish damage and that by doing that you will either lose out on AGI (meaning less Aspd) or LUK (meaning less falcon occurrence)... the appropriate amount of INT for any hunter should be around 15-20...

now when you see ppl with 90ish LUK and low dex, what they do is not go INT, but go AGI for Aspd... as i said above, they're banking not on the damage per hit but rather how many times the falcon goes out and does its job... so AGI > INT and LUK > INT... leave INT for the mages...