Help Leveling Guide For Classic 99/50

Started by kapitankeith, Mar 05, 2016, 10:32 PM

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Please please help me to win 99 race event  /wah this coming week new server will open and
i want to challenge myself to win the 99 event ..

im playing with 5x/5x rates everything is classic
Classic Mob Spawn and Drops
Classic Skill Mechanics
Episode: 4 War of Emperium 

help me what the proper way on solo leveling hunter up to 99 , im planning not to sleep nor eat just to level up, party leveling is my 2nd choice option if exp within high lvl is very low ,

1 - 10 training ground
10 - 25 spore or mandragoras or muka maybe
25 - 50 wolf or hode maybe
50 - 60 mummies i think ?
60 - 70 GH prison i think also if there's a party HO
70 - 80 GH ithink ?
80 - onward no idea  /wah

all of this is on 50 / 50 basis and still not 100% sure if effective

planning build for this is
99 dex
88 agi
around 47 vit ithink or planning int

a guide for Hunter will really help ..
thanks in advance  /kis


70 to 99 Majorous & Ancient Mummy.

Majo easier but higher HP, Ancient Mummy lower hp but lower spawn rate.

or just find any other lower Base EXP but quicker to kill, depending on your equipment & consumables.

No idea why people prefer Hode. Muka can get you to Lv.45 pretty easily, from there go to Lutie, then High Orc, etc.


GH is the best place for 80+ either raydrics or stings, so you farm rares as you level up. btw what server is that? link or pm pls  /kis2


yea its either a party in majo or highorc

or solo stings

im also interested to join that server...could u please share the link for that server


Assuming you cant get decent bow to hunt Sting / HO then do TI4 party.


Partying at Majorous would be the best and most ideal place. If you can get a crusader to leech you off Raydrics. Stings and Anolians are also viable sources of EXP. Ancient Mummy, I don't recommend it, the spawn rate is too low and the mobs there generally doesn't give you any exp.