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Author Topic: Gypsy Build + PvP/WoE Tips  (Read 43289 times)

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Re: Gypsy Build + PvP/WoE Tips
« Reply #15 on: Sep 16, 2008, 11:48 am »
I'm a clown, but my advice should still help?

- Use your Scream skill as often as you can(If you are with high-vit friends)
- When people come toward your emp use slow-grace, making them practically useless and easy targets
- The critical skill(I don't know the name) will help your guild take castles, or for SS snipers to own
- You weren't really made to be a one-hit class...so tarot should help kill the big-strong pot spammers
- GET A SOUL-LINK. It isn't "a must", but it makes you such more more effective :p
- Stay with friends, since you are a secondary priest in a way.

oops, I want to suggest a stat-change :P

If you CAN reset I'd lower the vit to 88+2
Add more int and take away all the agi
BUT if the slow-grace is affected by agi keep it the same
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Re: Gypsy Build + PvP/WoE Tips
« Reply #16 on: Sep 16, 2008, 09:08 pm »
The 90+2 doesn't really matter since she/he should not be depending on natural HP recovery in WoE. Spare points can go there, or STR. And yes, AGI affects Slow Grace to a large extent. But I really don't suggest you going a hybrid supportive build, because it isnt easy at all.

Support classes are always the hardest to play, and Clown/Gypsies are arguably up there. If you have to take up so many roles; Tarot, Scream, Slow Grace, AYS, Lady Luck, Sinx Song, Bragi, Apple, ANDDD POTSPAM, it's highly likely you will not be able to do any of them well enough. So my advice is to go a pure support build, most desirable would be a build which is suited towards dancing two of the dances that benefit your guild the most, and can backup as a Screamer. After soul link you might even be expected to juggle 4 songs.

As first choice screamer though, you are expected to scream ONLY. Get into the poem effect, and start spamming that hotkey. A screamer is most useful when he/she is able to stunlock low VIT enemies. Never let them have respite, even to tap ONE white slim. Remember, as a Screamer, always get out of your original party, and request your party leader to let you form another party with other screamers or a high VIT paladin to devote you guys. This is because you have a higher chance to inflict stun on your party members when screaming.

If I remember correctly it was (highest to lowest chance): Enemies>Party>Guildies
XileRo is the only HR I know that has a reasonable PvP system. I did watch the RWC like you said, all I see is people spamming the room like every other gang fight there is in RO.

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Re: Gypsy Build + PvP/WoE Tips
« Reply #17 on: Sep 17, 2008, 08:06 pm »
Alright, thanks. :] I'll have to switch to full support for the next WoE then.

I had no idea about party members having an increased chance of being stunned, so it's definitely good that you told me that haha. And yeah, tarot card is awesome. It worked really well on this one High Priest that was pretty much impossible to kill..