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Author Topic: Pls Rate My Sniper Build  (Read 3629 times)

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Pls Rate My Sniper Build
« on: Jan 23, 2010, 12:38 pm »
Hi, I'm playing on a high rate server. The max level is 99/70, can you all please rate my sniper and give me some advice pls? THX!!

Str   1
Agi  72
Vit  50
Int  45
Dex 97
Luk   1

My Equipments
+10 Feather Beret

+10 Sniping Suit - with Ghostring Card
+10 Composite Bow - with x2 Stormy Knight Card and x2 Lord of Death Card
+10 Woll Scarf - with Raydric Card
+10 Tidal Shoes - with Matyr Card
x2 Orlean's Glove - with Zerom Card

I don't understand why, my damage in pvp is very low! And what arrows are the best to use in PVP?

By the way, how do you make Alice Doll (upper headgear)? Sorry but I'm quite noob, haven't been playing RO in quite awhile, now only starting back.



Offline Relics

Re: Pls Rate My Sniper Build
« Reply #1 on: Jan 23, 2010, 04:26 pm »
You need a damage bow..

I'm guessing thanatos/incantation should be no problem.

so get 3 bows,
1. 1x inca, 2x hydra, 1x tgen
2. 1x thanatos, 2x hydra, 1x tgen
3. 4 stormies?

+ the one you already have.

Also, don't waste points into INT, i'm guessing ghostring is easy to get so that should leave you with DEX/AGI/VIT.

get an orlean glove with a smokie card to hide, I suspect asura's are quite fearsome in your server.

What you do is.. you want your opponent statused, most likely with your LoD bow or stormy bow. Once that is done, switch to thana/inca hydra tgen bow, equip wind arrows (you can BM/F12 arrows) and start double strafing.

Depending on your opponents def.. use thana/inca appropriately.

Also, start getting better with traps.. as I assume you haven't yet. It's not a wrong idea to youtube some fancy trap set-ups as they can be deadly, debuffing and could possibly help you stall a battle.

I also suggest getting mayaP > binoculars.