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Started by wagaboo, Feb 28, 2007, 03:33 AM

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I've search how do the stats ( INT, DEX, AGI, LUK...) boost the songs of the bards and dancers
but i've found nothing even for the effect of musical lesson on the songs
is there someone who as find somthing about that?


Music/dance lessons increase all songs.
Bard                                    Dancer
Int : bragi,                          service for you
Vit: apple of idun
Luk: A wistle                        Fortunes kiss
Agi: Assasin X of sunset         Please dont forget me
Dex:                                   Humming

I think Every 10 of a stat increases the power of the song with 1%
And ever lvl of music lessons /dance lessons also 1%


Also, the Bard/Dancer songs dont work on the caster unless another Bard/Dancer casts the spells.


or they are soul linked, on some severs


thank you Totzie
that will be very usefull
another question :
what is it for Pang voice?


Pang voice isnt affected by any stat/skill.


thanks =)
i'm seeing that the succeding percent to confuse the targert isn't given in the description
that's not useful ><
i've found a description but it's in german =S

    * Der Charakter ist verwirrt und der Spieler kann nicht mehr bestimmen wohin er laufen soll denn der Charakter geht zu anderen Stellen als angeklickt wurden.
    * Man hört ein nerviges Geräusch.
    * Der Chaos Status wird aufgehoben wenn den Spieler Schaden zugefügt wird.
    * Die Dauer ist von der VIT des Spieler abhängig
I've studied english and spanish but in german I'm a noob
and confuse statut is on vit def or int def? i think that's not said here