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Author Topic: Composite bow [4] card setup  (Read 9886 times)

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Offline Yourstyle

Composite bow [4] card setup
« on: Jun 02, 2012, 11:57 pm »
Hey guys whats the best setup for a +10 composite bow [4] for MAVKA's ONLY.

I was thinking

2 Kaho *20% dmg to earth EACH*
1 Scorpion *20% dmg to plant*
1 skel worker *15% to medium*

Using fire arrows as well? or can I use oridecon arrows / steel. while using fire endow?

That's the best setup right for the max damage? Also does it matter if i swap the 2 kaho and use 2 scorpion instead? then use 1 kaho and 1 skel worker?
I figured someone on here could do the math because I don't understand how it works. I want to make the best weapon possible for the MAXIMUM efficiency dropping them fast as possible.


Offline Triper

Re: Composite bow [4] card setup
« Reply #1 on: Jun 03, 2012, 06:22 am »
Not much of a difference except if you're using a magmaring garment. If you're then yes, it will make a tiny bit difference[still not much anyway] because different multipliers being stacked, when optimized, give better results in the end.

2scorpion+2kaho = 1.4*1.4 = 1.96
2scorpion+2kaho+magmaring = 1.4*1.5 = 2.1
2kaho+1scorpion+skel worker = 1.4*1.2*1.15 = 1.932
1 kaho+2scorpion+skel worker = 1.2*1.4*1.15 = 1.932
2kaho+1scorpion+skel worker+magmaring = 1.5*1.2*1.15 = 2.07
1 kaho+2scorpion+skel worker+magmaring = 1.3*1.4*1.15 = 2.093

2 scorpion+2kaho+magmaring would be the best but there is the factor +15atk from the skeleton worker that makes a little difference because, between the 2.1 vs 2.07 vs 2.093 mods, an extra factor attack makes a big bit of a difference.

Using a 400 atk sniper on the previous math.

2.1*400 = 840
2.07*(400+15) = 859.05
2.093*(400+15) = 868.595

So yeah, any of the 3 are pretty much ok, super small difference.

Oridecon arrows have 20 more attack so with endow they're better then the fire ones.

Offline jblazer

Re: Composite bow [4] card setup
« Reply #2 on: Jun 03, 2012, 06:49 am »
Use Tripers calculator

Under "Card Shortcuts" it lists all the variations with each combination.

Also double element/double race obviously being the best choice may not be the most optimal. If it's a low rate server where cards are scarce you should consider make a triple/1 size to have a multi purpose weapon.

For example a triple kaho/1 mino can be used as a great weapon for new world monsters (sniper leveling heaven) also some MVP's such as orc lord/orc hero/maya/gopinch/amon ra.

But as the above poster said, the damage difference is small. Having a slightly stronger weapon will still mean you will 2 shot them 3 shot them. So there's no need to go double element/double race.

Offline Yourstyle

Re: Composite bow [4] card setup
« Reply #3 on: Jun 03, 2012, 03:48 pm »
Okay, thanks to you both. I already have some of the stuff I need to make the bow. I am on a 7x drop rate btw.