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The Great Character Simulator Update

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I noticed that you noticed that there is a lack of character simulator news on the front page. As some of you know, the RMS character simulator has been updated to version 0.7! The updates came at a random time, and still are WIP. The following things were changed:

* Added Oboro and Kagerou job sprites
* Fully added cash shop mounts to all available jobs
* Added two official hairs, and re-arranged some custom hairs
* Added basic shield/weapon functionality. The selected character class MUST have these sprites available.
You can only view the sprite in their battle position. The same goes for weapons. The correct action for the class and the weapon must be selected. This is still a WIP and the placements of these items will still look funny on some job classes as I figure out the allocation of sprites.
* Enlarged the viewing area
* Headgears are now updated as far as possible. Some of the headgears are still missing images as I wasn't able to find them in a convenient way.
* Facebook comments on the bottom of the page. This makes it easier for me to interact and answer people's questions. I go by Kev Hua in the comments.
Once again, if you have any suggestions, bug reports or comments, feel free to PM me on the forums, or you can also find me on IRC via Riotblade @ Rizon. I would also like to put a shameless plug for an anime streaming website, AnimeSeed. Watch thousands of episodes of anime online for free!

Hopefully there will be more updates coming! Bye bye~

Hallelujah! Thanks Riot :o

Awesome! Good job <3.

Awesome job !
I liked the new weapon and shields feature. Would be useful for some graphic-related works out there.

Will you ever release an Offline version of your awesome Simulator? ~
I would die if rms went down or something.


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