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Started by yC, May 05, 2012, 04:49 AM

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Hi guys and girls!  While it seems I am writing a new announcement, the main purpose of this message is to get rid of the previous announcement.  If you haven't notice, it has been almost half a year since the last announcement made by Riotblade.  As to what to write and where to start, I am sure I have done enough work to the site that I have a lot to fill the page.
First let's start with the databases; obviously they are in good shape and get updated regularly.  You may notice there aren't a lot of changes in the non-renewal databases.  That is because as I always say, there is only one Ragnarok (officially) at any given point in time.  Basically, everything is advancing in the renewal direction.  That leaves non-renewal in a difficult situation because for newly released items or monsters, there isn't a non-renewal version available.
At RMS, we try to include as much information as possible.  We will continue to base our information on the latest eAthena, rAthena and 3ceam development projects wherever applicable.  Additionally, did you see there is a new option to "Show iRO Description"?  Also, newly added features include the following:  "Hide items that are not dropped by monster?" and "Hide monsters with no spawn in 'Dropped By' list?".  Actually, some of these options has been added for nearly a month.  Look for them in the item search or item search result page if you haven't already tried them.  By the way, I am debating if the main database links (those at the top of the left hand side menu) should be switched to use the renewal database links while putting the non-renewal database links below.  I kind of want to leave them as is; feel free to tell me what you think otherwise.

Of course I've done more than just updating and adding a few options in the past half a year.  I tried to add more guides to the site.  I said I "tried" because I suck at writing in human language (I am better at writing code).  After much struggling, I managed to finish a total of three.  My ultimate goal is to show ways of obtaining items that are not dropped by monsters as to increase the usefulness of the item database.  I know how it feels when you search for an item and see there is no known way to get it, so I picked to start with the Armor Enchant, Socket Enchant and Battleground (how-to) guides.  I figured these cover a wide range of unobtainable equipments.  There are other quest/guides candidates; you'll see what they are later on.
A little note about the review system - I just want to say to some lazy people that >> you can stop copying player reviews in the system and using them as your own.  This problem had finally concerned me enough that I took the steps to prevent/stop it.  Even if a review is copied and modified, or a review is a mix and match of several reviews, our system will catch it.   Between four to ten reviews are caught and deleted on average daily because people are not writing original content.

So, I didn't expect our Google+ button would have over 100 + in such a short time.  It's so hard to get + for Google because only those with a Google Account can do it.  I know it's so much easier to get +Like counts for Facebook, but I didn't start with it because I am not an active Facebook user.  Yes, seriously, those that know me know why I only have a few fake FB accounts.  Anyway, just as I was poking around the Facebook Like Button generator, I was surprised to see RMS already have 4k Like, even though the Like button never set foot on RMS.  To return this love, I will, for the first time ever, add a Like button at the top of this announcement (not in this forum post, can't have the button here, go to the Main Page).  My first goal is to have 50k Like; that should be a piece of cake if everyone pays attention and participates.  We have a lot more daily users than that.  Once we're done that, attaining 100k Like will be just a matter of time.   So just Like us, show me your support! Next, you will be asking where the RMS Facebook page is. Well, unless you want to see a major server ad spam fest...
- yC


Yay! A new thread D<... I like threads.

Lol, anyways, you're doing such an amazing job, yC! Just liked RMS on Facebook a few minutes ago =D.
I agree with the problem regarding Google+ XD. I don't have an account myself, and I'm such a lazy person haha. Nevertheless, it is awesome to see the huge number of likes! RMS deserves all this support and more =D.

You should totally use Facebook more ;D. Personally, I don't think Twitter and other social programs are as good. Facebook is easier to use and maintain, at least for me anyways.

I rather like the links at the side as they are now as well. It depends which type of server is more in abundance now...

Kudos to the RMS administration team for all that they have done! Lovely updates are lovely ;D. Thanks for keeping the forums clean as well--thanks to Triper as a forum moderator, too!

Keep up the great work! RMS is looking great~
Friends are special flowers that bloom from trust.

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and screw Twitter, it's stupid :| You should make Triper run a no-post RMS page. Would be good for getting news across and highlighting new features / site modifications.