The Great Character Simulator Update

Started by Rbread, Nov 23, 2011, 08:41 PM

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I went over it with a couple of anti virus systems and it's result is none of them had any problem but Websense ThreatSeeker did mention it being a malicious site, 2 others have no rating, Avira says fine so does Google Safebrowsing and TrendMicro


I could access it again today but doing a refresh at the page[today it didn't even need to be during the load] made the same thing happen: can't access it again.


Yeah, I was going to suggest that it seems like the page is infected somehow, but if anyone has the page cached then your browser's gonna load the old, uninfected page which is safe.  If you ctrl+f5 refresh or clear your cache and then visit the page again, you'll hit the infected page.

So if you want to use the page, try to use it on a browser that has it cached if you can.  Otherwise, it seems to be malfunctioning (for now).


Ya, I tried in Firefox, IE, Google Chrome and I can't access the page at all.

I use Avast, and it's up to date. Although I don't use the Web watch thing Avast comes with.


I do not think the char sim page is infected at all.  It is obvious that this "Avast" thing hate us ...  which I can't do anything about it.  Just like how my nod32 blocks all the website i try to visit.

I wouldn't mind seeing what else they (or othersecurity scan that reported it harmful) are saying other than that it is malicious.  It tells me nothing.


Well, it seems it is Avast. Avast doesn't like the Character Simulator. I tried it on my computer that doesn't have Avast, and the Character Simulator works. Then I tried it on this computer by first disabling Avast.....AND IT WORKS!!!

So Avast is seeing the Character Simulator as some malicous website or something probably.


Any improvement?  I think Riotblade was doing something to it yesterday.


Avast doesn't detect it as a malicious website now, at least here I can now refresh non-stop with no problems.


Same here, there's no pop-ups now regarding a malicious website page. Works nicely!

The comment thing at the bottom seems neat. I just hope there's a limit on the number of comments viewed on one page. Furthermore, is it possible to post through our RMS account? Well, it's still pretty interesting regardless and at least we can post through Facebook XD.
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