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Chu/Mwa (or whatever he is) suggested that there should be a RMS Toolbar for Firefox so I quickly whipped this up.

RMS Toolbar
Current Version: 1.0a
Download Page: Here


* Item DB Search             By name - Includes variable settings
             By Description - Includes variable settings
             By Script - Includes variable settings

* Mob DB Search             By name

* Skill Search             By name

* Shortcuts to various parts of the site
Link on Mozilla Sandbox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/5505

1. Download the attachment with the "open" option within Firefox.  If not, you will need to do a File->Open File->rmstoolbar.xpi.
2. Wait 3 seconds and click accept
3. Restart firefox and the toolbar should be showing up by default
4. Click the arrow next to the search button to get started.  You must pick the search option or else it will always lead to the main page.
5. Item/Mob Search options come with various variable options.  Click the arrow next to the text to receive the choices.
6. Item ID / Mob ID search is independent of all the variable settings.  It will overwrite all of them (Site search functionality).
7. The "Browse to..." button contains a list of shortcuts.  You can click the arrow next to the button to receive the choices.

An image of the toolbar is attached as well as the installation fire.

By downloading this plugin, you acknowledge that you understand all the risks that are involved.  We are not responsible for any damage that this extension may cause to your computer.

Thanks to Blackfire and Chu/Mwa/Whatever for testing.

RMS Search Plugins
Current Version: Final
Download Page: Here

These plugins have to be seperated as each of the pages count as an individual search engine.

* Firefox Search Plugins:             Item Name
             Item Description
             Monster Name
             Skill Name

* Internet Explorer Search Plugins:             Item Name
             Item Description
             Monster Name
             Skill Name

If you have any bugs or suggestions, please report it within this post or report it in our IRC chan at:
irc.deltaanime.net #ratemyserver.net

that is awesome

Loki FortunaRO:
This is a really handy extension!  I'm sure to use this!  ;D

nice work after all your database has merits ;)
can we put it on download in other places(with credit naturaly ) just to spead it

You can just refer people to this topic.


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