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Started by yC, Jun 19, 2011, 11:39 PM

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Global Forum Rules

Please yield to the following guidelines when posting on these forums*.

  • Do not flame or spam in any form (image, text, interactive etc).
  • Trolling is not allowed.
  • Internet bullying, stalking and threatening is not allowed.  Discussion promoting such activities will be removed.
  • Posting personal information (image, text, interactive etc) without consent of the owner is not allowed.
  • Do not distribute any commercial advertisement. This includes, but not limited to: Referral or 'buddy' systems, affiliate market links, survey websites, or the like.
  • Do not distribute any offensive, distracting or adult content in any form (image, text, interactive etc).
  • Harassment, insult and personal attack is not allowed.
  • Post contain nothing but quote(s) of previous discussion is not allowed.
  • Quote pyramid is not allowed.   Do not attempt to make a post that contain more than 5 nested quotes.
  • Do not drive a topic of discussion into another discussion.  Different discussion belongs to different topic.
  • Multiple accounts per IP are not permitted**. Users found registering multiple accounts to by-pass moderation(s) will automatically be banned***.
  • The Arcade is put here for fun, do not cheat on scores. If the score is found to be impossible to reach normally, the score will be purged.
  • The dimensions of your signature must be smaller than 700 pixels (width) x 200 pixels (height).  It must not contain any offensive messages.
  • Follow the sub-rules of all the forum sections.

*The Global Forum Rules will apply to everything under the domain of and  This includes, but not limited to: the main forum boards, signatures, avatars, private messages and the shout box.

**If multiple accounts are found from the same IP (we will perform sweep of multiple accounts from same IPs periodically), private messages will be dispatched to the IPs with multiple accounts.  If you currently share a household with people and thus, have multiple accounts on the same IP - please do not hesitate to reply to the private message (You will have to in the end to avoid multiple account deletion) with your circumstance so we can discuss your eligibility.

***This means that none of the following is permitted:

  • Registering multiple accounts to skip or by-pass moderation
  • Registering multiple accounts to support your own claims, make false accusations, make yourself 'look good' or to incite a flame war by deliberately creating an argument.

On a side note, we do realize that most internet companies use dynamic IP's and there will be cases where there is an overlapping of IP's and as such, we will not ban until we have sufficient proof. We also take into consideration that there are a few people with family members that also browse these forums, as such, we will also investigate this.

Warning System

Members violating any of the global forum rules or sectional rules will result in one of the following warn status depending on the seriousness of the offense.

  • Warn Status, default last for 7 days unless otherwise told differently.
    • Description: Member is a light offender => Violating a sectional or global forum rules that does not fall into the other more serious offense category outlined below.
  • Muted Status, default last for 7 days unless otherwise told differently.
    • Description: Member is not acting to the expectation of this forum => Behavior including but not limited to: flame, insult, personal attack, repeatedly use of unacceptable vocabulary, repeated action in the warn category.
  • Temporarily Banned Status, no default duration.
    • Description: Member is aimed at causing trouble in this forum  => Behavior including but not limited to: trolling, repeated spamming, posting personal information of others without permissions, repeated action in the mute category.
  • Permanently Banned Status.
    • Description: Member is a potential threat to this forum  => Behavior including but not limited to: threatening members, internet bullying members, stalking members, posting offensive/adult material, repeated action in the temp ban category.

Warning System Note 1:   If a member's action fall into any of the listed category OR if a member's action fits the category description, the appropriate punishment will apply.

Warning System Note 2: Violations not covered in the Mute, Temporarily Banned or Permanently Banned Status descriptions are likely to be in the light offender Warn Status category.  i.e. referral link, posting distracting material (non-repeat), harassment (non-repeat), spamming (non-repeat).