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Author Topic: RMS Forum is Hiring  (Read 52943 times)

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Re: RMS Forum is Hiring
« Reply #15 on: Jun 18, 2010, 10:20 am »
Did the copy-pasted dude put is SIN? LOL.


I sent you a PM yC :P


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Re: RMS Forum is Hiring
« Reply #16 on: Jun 25, 2010, 12:39 pm »
[Name] Christina.

[Age] 22

[Occupation] None, currently.

[Contact Information] My email/MSN is *removed*
[Position you're applying for.] Sectional Moderator

[Related Work Experience] I have been a forum moderator for a few different servers. SunriseRO, KodamaRO, ExtinctRO, AriaRO, CelestialRO, and Realm of Ragnarok (The first one, not the one that reopened recently). I have also managed my own forum, quite some time ago. But it wasn't RO-related.

[RO Experience] I have been playing RO for 2~3 years.

[Current relation to RO servers, if any.] I resigned from my GM position on the server I was working for, so I currently have no relations to any RO server at this time.

[Time you will be spend on your forum moderation job, average daily] I'm normally on these forums for -at least- a few hours a day. I can be on more often if needed, though. I have a lot of time to spare.

[Additional information you wish for us to consider] I liek mudkipz? I dunno'. I'm very friendly, and I know when to be mature and responsible. I also thoroughly enjoy helping others, and I always keep a neutral, level-headed position in most disputes, regardless of the people involved. I also prefer to steer away from drama.
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Re: RMS Forum is Hiring
« Reply #17 on: Jul 01, 2010, 11:15 am »
Forrrrrr future reference ~

Name: Sarah

Age: 18

Occupation: Full-time college student/part-time restaurant management

Contact information: [email protected] or [email protected]

Position Applied For: Sectional Moderator

Related Work Experience: Staff experience for about 6-7 years on various servers such as FrostRO, DiviniaRO, DivineRO (I actually think there was more to the name on that one, but I can't remember), and a few more. I was also part of support guilds on certain servers such as ShockwaveRO, and I also had attempted to start my own, but failed due to funding issues (PO' MOFO). I've also been, in the past, a very active RMS goer, then something happened to my old account, - tear, - so I remade it.

RO Experience: Roughly 9-10 years. Started in open beta for iRO, played for a couple, took very long breaks here and there, jumped on private servers and have been jumping between them for years. Still play iRO on occasion.

Current RO Relation: Semi-AtomixRO, I guess. Not a big fan of the RO server, but am currently playing their ECO server with a friend.

Time Spent On Job: Roughly 6-7 hours, since I can't really estimate. I'm a forum junkie, I guess I can say.
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Re: RMS Forum is Hiring
« Reply #18 on: Jul 03, 2010, 12:39 am »
[janine dionela]




[call center agent]

[call center agent]

[yes! almost 6years playing Ro]

[Current relation to RO servers if any]


[To Help Our Server Become Strong]

Why do you need to be unassociated with a server for moderating the off-topic section?

Posted on: Jul 02, 2010, 04:29 pm


call center agent

[Contact information]
[email protected]

[Position you are applying]
Game Moderator

[Related Work Experience]
i know how to fix website and server.

[RO Experience]
i become a game master in old Avalon Ro last few year. and i almost play Ro when i was 12 years old.

[Time you will be spend on your forum moderation job, average daily]
ill spend time 12hours/7days

[Additional information you wish us to consider]
i hope ill become a moderator in this game. thanks a lot.

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Re: RMS Forum is Hiring
« Reply #19 on: Jul 09, 2010, 05:19 pm »
In all seriousness if anybody gets hired I hope it's either Yusifer, Kyomi, or Aurora.

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Re: RMS Forum is Hiring
« Reply #20 on: Jul 11, 2010, 12:00 am »
[Name] Tomás.

[Age] --

[Occupation] High School student.

[Contact information] Personal Message, or through MSN -given upon request-.

[Position you are applying] Off Topic + Multimedia Sectional Moderator.

[Related Work Experience] While LBRO was on the making, I was a forum admin on it's forums. Worked as one until the project died (2 months later). Therefore, I pretty much know how does SMF work, and I can use it with ease. Currently working as a support moderator for FilirRO. I'm  not affiliated to FilirRO anymore.

[RO Experience] I have been playing RO since 2005. Started on the South American official server (ROH)... and moved to the fantastic world of private servers 2 weeks later (lol).

[Current relation to RO servers if any] Chief support moderator for FilirRO. None (update).

[Time you will be spend on your forum moderation job, average daily] 3~4 hours on weekdays, maybe a little bit more on weekends (even more if it's raining, since I play beach voleyball on weekends... and I can't play if everything is wet lol).

[Additional information you wish us to consider] I'm willing to dedicate a considerable amount of time to this forum. Hopefully I'll make it a better place to stick around (:
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Re: RMS Forum is Hiring
« Reply #21 on: Jul 11, 2010, 01:37 pm »
Name: Ruby Yang (No need for my full Chinese name XD)

Age: 18

Occupation: Just graduated from high school and going into university (University Student).

Contact Information: PM on the forum or through MsN. I can give my email/MsN through PM.

Position that I am Applying for: Any available ones.

Related Work Experience: I was an Event GM for several servers in the past which automatically made me have forum moderation powers. I have experience in moderating forums and have worked with Ucoz, SMF, vBulletin, and IPB boards. Currently, I am an Administrator for two forums (two RO servers).

RO Experience: I have been playing RO for around 4 years now. As stated above, I have been a GM for several servers and an Administrator to two servers.

Current Relation to RO: I am the Admin/Owner of Starlite RO and an Administrator for an upcoming server.

Time I will spend on RMS Forums: I used to have more time, but now that I just graduated from high school and going into university, the time really varies. I have to wait to get my schedule in August, but I would have to say I can spend around 3-4 hours on weekdays and around 6 hours or more on weekends.

Additional Information: If I am chosen for any position, I will uphold my duties and responsibilities and moderate the forum fairly and effectively. I know how to work with SMF mods and can design some things like banners, avatars, etc (though I still need to sharpen up my skills). I also know many other people who can help design things if necessary. For languages, I would say I know French and Chinese, but I need to work on them as well (let's just say I know how to type the basics). My English is very fluent. I came from Taiwan, and I am living in Canada (Ontario <3 -5 EST). I am an active member of RMS forums (stayed here for more than 3 months at least). As of the moment, I posted my application for future consideration (since I do not fulfill the requirements for applying as I am a server owner). Thank you for your time!
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Re: RMS Forum is Hiring
« Reply #22 on: Jul 13, 2010, 12:37 am »
[name] (optional)
tony stanley (yes i know so original)
[age] (optional)
[Occuption] (optional)
movie critic on facebook
[Contact information] (optional)
[email protected]
[Position you are applying]
sectional moderator or off-topic moderator
[Related Work Experience]
cannabisculture.com forums
[RO Experience]
played ebro for 3 months after prewipe and before prewipe about 6 months.
[Current relation to RO servers if any]
just played ebro nothing special. just joined because a friend old me about it.
[Time you will be spend on your forum moderation job, average daily]
as much that would be needed im free all the time.
[Additional information you wish us to consider]
well im not a **** to anyone unless they are a **** to me but i wouldnt ban anyone for any reason other than if they broke a major rule. i wouldnt single anyone out ever i know how it feels because ive been there. i spend most of my time on the internet anyway. i love talking about games and reviewing them. i mess with technology a lot (dont worry i dont now any C++ to do anything to the forum lol). i have about 3 years of experience with other forums like the cannabisculture.com forum. and i write stories based on games, i forget the name of this one forum i was on but i made about 6 posts on a story with the game fable. if i remember the website i will get a copy of it and post it here to show you.

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Re: RMS Forum is Hiring
« Reply #23 on: Aug 07, 2010, 05:19 pm »
Update:  Tom~ and Kyomi are hired as sectional moderators.

I just cleaned this topic a bit to remove the old applications from a year ago.  Since many of them no longer come to this forum.

Just a note on the choice: DarkDevine seems over qualify and his work with roorg will limit his eligibility later on.  Yukino you are an admin, there is no position you are currently eligible of, I'll keep the application there maybe you can update it later when needed.  Lucian and Aurora™ came very close, however a difficult decision had to be made.

Thank you for all applicants thus far.  
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Re: RMS Forum is Hiring
« Reply #24 on: Aug 07, 2010, 10:11 pm »
Lucian and Aurora™ came very close, however a difficult decision had to be made. 
Always next time.

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Re: RMS Forum is Hiring
« Reply #25 on: Sep 11, 2010, 12:23 am »
Keep me in mind for next time, yC ;D

[Edit: March 2nd, 2011]

Name: Irene

Age: 18

Occupation: Subway Clerk; Student

Languages: English; French

Contact Information: PM me for my MSN

Desired Position: Ratemyserver.net Sectional Moderator

Related Work Experience: Global Moderator for a wide range of servers (NiktoutRO; VisionRO v1; OracleRO; MalevolentRO; etc.), Administrator on others (IntenseRO; AriaRO; AerialRO)

RO Experience: I've been playing RO for ~4 years on a wide variety of servers, though I specialize in LRs and MRs, 99/70

Current Relation to RO: I'm inactive at MalevolentRO as a Moderator (not in-game) and the way it's looking, it's not going to be around much longer anyway. I don't even visit there anymore. I consider myself merely a player of RO and do not consider myself professionally affiliated with any server

Availability: I browse everyday anyway, as can be seen by my posts and my posting average. I also have the largest, valid report history on RMS :B

Additional Information: I've been around for almost two years now. Many forumers here know me, and I know many of them. My posting history has always been positive; I've never received a warning, a ban, or a mute. My posts have always been clean, well-done, and display knowledge of good grammar and punctuation skills. I've always tried to be helpful and have not been known to "troll", etc. The Third-Job thread was something I originally came up with and, becoming inactive, was taken over by Tommy with credit given where credit was due. Overall, I'd consider myself a first-class "citizen" of RMS and have the history and proof to back up the claim.

That's all

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