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Started by yC, May 17, 2010, 09:04 PM

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As promised on my last announcement, the review system just got a huge upgrade in both looks and functionality. Many of the changes were done to catch up on player demand when looking for Ragnarok servers. Again, make sure you press F5 to refresh your browser when making a visit to the server listing or review system.

On the server details side, more options are made available to server owner. These include secondary exp and drop rates such as quest exp rate, equipment drop rate, card drop rate, MVP stuff drop rates as well as languages supported and max aspd. Now, only available server features are listed rather than putting an (x) next to an unavailable feature like before. The list of server features also got an upgrade. Some used to be new but now the standard features were replaced with newer features. With all these new add-ons, our new server search form is ready to show you the way.

Onto the review side, we added a new statistic section where we put together reviewers answer to a server's donation level, customization level and server population (in median). As oppose to each individual review, this information is shown anonymously and none of them will affect the server's ranking or rating. They are aimed to give server seekers a better picture of the server listed.

As a result of this update, we strongly recommend server owners to update their listing by filling in any applicable secondary rates, new features in our feature list or just check out what other new options are available. We don't expect reviewers to update their reviews in order to participate in the new statistic section, although we welcome anyone to do so. Keep in mind reviews older than 6 months are not counted in the default ranking anymore. So updating your opinion of a server is always a good idea.

If you have any suggestion to make regarding our site or the recent update or if you have to report an error, please let me know. Thanks for reading.


ilu yC.

I love ittt I waited so long for the MVP Card update!

You should dispatch emails to all server owners, though, to alert them of the drastic review changes. Also, so they can edit in the new information!


I wrote a review with the new system and It's quite nice, I like the layout for reviewing much better.


Quote from: Gankz on May 17, 2010, 10:19 PMI wrote a review with the new system and It's quite nice, I like the layout for reviewing much better.

I redid my reviews. Was a bit tedious, but better in the end!

You should be able to edit existing reviews so that you can add the new values (Population, Donations, etc.) easily <-


Edit review is never considered because nobody checks the content of older review to make sure they are within the guidelines.  Doing all the update I just feel lazy on making an edit page just for the new options.  It's easily for people to write a new review and use the new options together.


Ah, okay. Makes sense.

I really love it, though! Hopefully you alert all server owners to change their info so we can actually search for the new stuff ;-;


Add "VIP system" and "Cash Item Shop system" to the list please.



TotalRO - 10x/10x


Yep, very well done with the new features. I know some old features are missing though ><. However, I love how specific server descriptions can be now (drop rates and all that). I hope there are very awesome changes in the future as well (and for the forum hopefully as well) ^^.
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Hum... I see you can rate customization and donation levels, but you can't really use them in the "Search" mode. Can you add that to the list please?


I purposely didn't add them to the search just in case they could potentially become abusable.  I'll have to check the result later and decide, most likely won't happen.  They are there to give a better picture of the server on top of the other search requirements that fit.


I seriously hate whatever they did to the website.  Anytime I try load another page it pops up briefly then automatically moves me back to the home page.  It's annoying as hell and its probably my own stupidity but if anyone has a suggestion i'd love to hear it.


Draedan what's your browser and your location?


I use google chrome and what specifically do you mean location?


anyway please refer to this topic, and reply there.  This isn't a support topic.  Location as in country you are browsing from. 


Oh sorry I'm from the US.  It seems to be working at the moment though so I'll let you know if I experience any more issues.