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Renewal isn't something new in 2011. In fact, the details were announced by Gravity as early as 2009. Gravity used most of their time in 2010 to release the proposed changes, with more balancing patches yet to come. On RMS, while we keep you up-to-date on the pre-renewal Ragnarok, we've been constantly looking into opportunities to create a reliable database for the renewed Ragnarok Online. Fortune for us, the developers and contributors from the eAthena community made this possible.

Today we are delighted to announce that we're slowly moving towards support for the renewed Ragnarok Online. We will create versions of our pages in renewal version in addition to the current pre-renewal version. We also expect that the Renewal servers are going to be the norm eventually, but until then the pre-renewal pages will stay the main focus on our menus and the search bar on the top.  During this transition stage, we will provide update to both pre-renewal and renewal Ragnarok.  So far we have the first phase of items, monsters and third job skilldatabases completed based on renewal data from the Renewal-Project SVN.  

To make things as convenient as possible, RMS will include a link between pre-renewal and renewal in both versions of the item and monster databases within each item or monster block. Right now we are looking into the possibility of modifying other parts of our site, such as the Skill Simulator and the majority of the tables under the Misc Database, to include renewal information. If you have any suggestions, or you would like to tell us what you think about the situation, just leave us a message at the forum in reply to this news topic.

Note:  You might need to refresh your browser if you notice any viewing or loading problem.

- yC

Pretty neat that you guys are moving on to that. Personally I can't stand renewal one bit and I believe it killed the game, but good luck to you all!

As long as the pre-renewal database doesn't go anywhere - ever - then I'm happy. pServers will adhere to renewal-haters, too, so the database remains important, even after its time.

+ I've not thoroughly adapted to renewal :(

Yea I do like you are working on both now.  But I hope you will keep both dbs in the future too! /lv

I don't agree with this.

Renewal is still too unstable to rely on. I believe jRO is considering completely renovating renewal to create balance. This is still too premature, -1 on my part.


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