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Marking an Incredible Year for Ragnarok Online in 2017

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Merry Christmas~

Hoping the best for 2018! <3


Merry Christmas everyone on RMS <3

And also check out the LimitRO Facebook Live Christmas party <3 <3 <3


Merry Christmas folks! <3

RO's lifespan is far from over yet.


@yC As you said, official servers just revived Ragnarok Online esp. in SEA Region. True, it's been more officials than pservers this year. Can't argue and can't beat their advertising budget or resources. The hype for official servers is still there, but it's inevitable that players would end up leaning towards pservers in the next couple of years (again). It has become a cycle due to the fact that players would want to join servers that's more "ideal" to their liking.

Rejoice RMS, i bet your daily/monthly page views has risen this year! Congrats!

To my co-pserver admins, just hang in there, RO players will inevitably go back to pservers again! :D

Happy Holidays to yall!

lots of us are approaching our 30s (or in them) and still playing this damn game.

i love this stupid cute little game, its so wonderful. even if the community may be infected by other gaming communities, it'll always hold a special place in my heart.

ragnarok is dead. long live ragnarok!


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