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Mark This Day - One of my most miserable day of the year

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Okay, if you haven't been able to get on RMS today ... I am sorry but the server's hard drive had experienced an unrecoverable failure that caused the world to stop spinning around here. 

After some ticket exchange with the host and waiting for the result of a fsck for hours the primary disk is declared dead and beyond repair.  So I waited another 2 hours for a OS reload then start work on bringing the site back online.  I am using a site script backup from Monday (with my local copies of a few files uploaded to adjust the changes) and a database backup roughly 6-8 hours before the crash happened thanks to the NAS (network attached storage). 

So far I am not spotting any problem on the front end, except I think you might find your avatar rolled back or missing.  If you see any error on the site or the forum let me know. 

The char sim is on an entire different account so I'll sort things out before bringing it back.  Might be in a day or two.  The site still need a bit of optimization, I haven't have the time to apply my old settings yet.

For advertisers, need no worries.  I am going to shift the schedule for everyone's banner by one day to make up for this down time.

So that is it for now.  Thanks for your patience.

P.S. > Why does everyone told me they thought they are ip banned when they can't access the site?  Am I an evil monster or you guys are somewhat guilty of your action ;p

It was so evil ;w; I finished all my work in French, and we had the laptops, and RMS wouldn't load lololol


Good job, though :D <3 /cupcake

Wow, that's terrible. ono Good job bringing everything back so far, though!

Lol, I was probably one of the few that wasn't with the bandwagon on the banning thing haha XD.

Good job on getting RMS back up!

I though it was updates going on lol

yC is a beast :>


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