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Happy New Year From RMS

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I missed the opportunity to greet everyone a Merry Christmas, so I will start by wishing everyone have a Happy New Year. 
Every year around this time, I have the feeling to take a look back at how Ragnarok Online has come along. As I have probably said it before, what started out as a pastime once upon a time during a Christmas holiday had turned into a major part of my life for the last 10+ years.

Over the last year, I've seen many players feeling nostalgic and came back to RO looking for their happy memory.  This is all thanks to the years of work from many talented people put into emulator projects.  While keeping good record of the game's development, servers are able to go back in time and create their own golden age of RO.  It is a really nice concept that servers these days can choose to start at one episode and live back in the time that they think is the best. I appreciate every servers created by people who have a heart for RO and the effort they put into (re)building the shared memory we have. 

As for 2016, I await for more quality server to come and keep the community strong.  Once again, thanks for supporting RMS over the years.  Also thanks for all the players and developers that have contributed to Ragnarok Online.

I wish you all have a wonderful year in 2016.

:D Happy New Year

We need to enter into the new year with a blast so I shot a zombie.

Happy new year to all of you, and thank you for your efforts in continuing to keep RO populated.

Happy New Year! It's not too late to great everyone just yet ! :)  /ok


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